Is it possible to be healthy and eat beef sticks? The answer is yes, but only if you are eating them in moderation. Too much of anything (even a great food) can be bad for your health. There are many people who love the taste of these salty snacks, but would like to know if they are actually good for you. We are going to explore the pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not this snack is right for you!

What is inside of a beef stick?

There are a handful of ingredients inside of a beef stick including:

Beef meat dried and seasoned with salt, sugar, onion powder, garlic powder, spices including paprika extractives of black pepper.

    • Pork fat – used for added flavor and moisture to the beef stick
    • Sodium nitrite – an antioxidant which is also a preservative that prevents spoilage. This ingredient will not be found in our Beef Sticks due to FDA guidelines on Nitrites are limited to use only as needed based on need (i.e., cold pack meats) or may have limits placed by individual companies based on safety assessments required under FSIS regulations . The company producing these products does not feel they are safe enough for human consumption
    • Salt – A necessary mineral your body needs so it regulates your blood pressure
    • Sodium

The USDA does not regulate this product, which is why it’s important to read the ingredients and nutritional information on any food you are eating.

What are the pros of Beef Sticks?

In moderation beef sticks are healthy because they are lean protein that can help you with muscle development and boosting your metabolism while providing some energy to get through the day.  Beef is an excellent source of iron which helps carry oxygen to muscles for stamina when exercising or during sports activities. Iron also plays a role in red blood cell production so those who are low on iron might find relief from this food in particular! There are no carbohydrates or sugars found within these snacks as well. Lastly, there are small amounts of Vitamin A and B12 inside each stick that provides some nutritional benefit as well!

What are the cons of Beef Sticks?

Some of the cons of beef sticks include that they are high in sodium, which can be unhealthy for those who are trying to reduce their salt intake.  This food is also low on vitamins and minerals like calcium, vitamin A or iron- making beef sticks a one dimensional snack!


Beef sticks can be a healthy snack if you manage how much meat your body is taking in. Eating only one beef stick per day, for example, will provide the benefits of protein while limiting saturated fat intake. However, eating more than this can lead to negative health effects and weight gain. So keep an eye on how many beef sticks you consume each week as it may not be worth the risk!

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