Drying meat is a great way to preserve it and keep the nutrients locked in, but how can you dry beef jerky without an expensive dehydrator? This article will show you how to use something that you should already have in your home: your oven!

How Easy Is It?

Believe it or not, making beef jerky with your oven is not very hard at all. This is how to dehydrate beef jerky in the oven:

– First, heat your oven to a temperature of 155 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use an oven thermometer on the top rack as well or from time and temperature settings, which are usually accurate.

– Then, line a baking pan with parchment paper. Place your meat pieces onto lined baking pans positioned over wire cooling racks so that air will flow underneath allowing for even drying.

– Bake at 155 degrees Fahrenheit until done, about 30 minutes per side (if you’re using bacon strips it might take less). If you’re not sure if they’re finished just cut into one and check inside – there should be no blood left!

– Put any extra seasoning  on the meat if you want, like salt and pepper.

– Enjoy your delicious beef jerky!

What Are The Benefits of Using an Oven?

There are benefits to using an oven over a dehydrator such as how much space it takes up in your house. When you make beef jerky in the oven, all you need is a big enough baking pan and some parchment paper to line the bottom of it so that when it dries out, nothing sticks.

Another major advantage of using an oven over any other method (except possibly microwaving) would have to be how easy clean-up is! All that’s left after cooking meat pieces in the oven are some crumbs in the bottom of the pan, so toss it into your dishwasher if you have one and all that’s left is how to store dehydrated beef jerky.


Cooking beef jerky in the oven is a great way to make delicious, healthy snacks for your family. You can cook it at home without any fancy equipment and you don’t have to wait hours before getting a hot meal ready! It also has some advantages over using a dehydrator- even if you do use one of those as well. We hope this blog post was helpful and that we’ve given you enough information about how easy cooking beef jerky really is. If there are any aspects of making jerkies or other meats that we didn’t cover here, please let us know so we can add them into future posts!

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