Cooking beef jerky before dehydrating it has been a common question for many people. The answer is no you do not have to do that, but there are benefits to cooking the meat first.

Why Should I Cook My Beef Before Dehydrating?

Various beef jerky recipes will require you to do some prep work before dehydrating. One of these tasks is cooking the meat first so it can be dried and made into beef jerky later on. Cooking the beef before dehydrating it has many benefits. You do not have to do this step in the process, but it will make your beef jerky more flavorful and delicious if you do cook it first.

Cooked meat has been cooked already so there’s less risk involved when dehydrating it; by doing that, we’re also able to get better quality protein as well as nutrients that are lost during dehydration without having to do much work otherwise; most importantly though, cooking beforehand prevents bacteria from spreading around which can be dangerous for making food later down the line;

Do I Need to Cook My Beef Before Dehydrating?

The short answer is no. There are a few reasons why people do this, but there’s no need for alarm if you don’t want to cook your meat before drying it out. The most common reason that many people do this is because they love the finished product better when cooked in advance. A lot of times with raw meat, especially ground or shredded meats, there may still be bacteria present even after being fully cooked which makes growing mold more likely while dehydrating. Raw food contains live organisms like bacteria among other things which causes spoilage at different rates than an already-cooked food.

Is It Still Healthy If It’s Not Cooked?

Raw food contains live organisms like bacteria among other things which causes spoilage at different rates than an already-cooked food. Sometimes this is desired for some foods, but when it comes to beef jerky you do not need washed raw meat before dehydrating as long as the temperature has been sufficiently raised and held above 140 degrees Fahrenheit in order to kill any of the bad bacteria that might be present before drying out. However if you do want your processed meats dried with a cooked exterior then there are also ways to do so: baking or frying will do the trick nicely! You could even use canned meat (if it’s low sodium), although cooking may have begun during that process.

With the right equipment and a little bit of know-how, you can make your own beef jerky at home with just about any cut of meat. While it’s okay to cook your beef before turning it into jerky, it’s safe to dehydrate your jerky raw as any bad bacteria will be killed when dehydrating at a temperature above 140 degrees. You’ll need some basic kitchen supplies like a food processor or blender for chopping up the meat and spices according to preference, an oven thermometer so that you don’t overheat the oven during dehydration, wax paper if making smaller pieces, and time! After cooking (or not) according to taste preferences then drying in the oven on low heat for 6-8 hours.

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