London Broil is a good cut of beef for many things from steak to sandwiches. However, is it also a good cut for beef jerky? The answer is not clear-cut and depends on the flavor profile desired. London broil is leaner than some other cuts so it will have less fat content which means the jerky may be drier with more chew.

Is London Broil good for Beef Jerky?

It is better suited to other types of recipes because it is leaner and has less fat content. However, some people may like the dryness in their jerky or find it easier to make homemade versions with London Broil than others cuts. It’s important not only what type but how long they have been aged too.

The London Broil is a lean, tough cut of beef that is best suited for braising or grilling and not as suitable for jerky because it is dryer with more chew. Some people prefer the texture of meat jerkies from this cut since they do not like chewy jerkies. It is also one of the cheapest cuts to make your own jerky at home so if you are on a budget then using London broil could help save money as well.

Jerky made with cheaper cuts tends to be drier in general but tastes good when eaten fresh out of the oven, while other types may have an overpowering flavor after sitting around for days without refrigeration. This is why some people freeze their jerky and eat it as a snack to avoid spoilage.

Are There Drawbacks to London Broil?

The London broil is considered one of the tougher cuts of beef because is is shaped like an oblong rectangle with long muscle fibers that do not break down easily during cooking. It is best suited for braising or grilling, but not good for making jerky since it is dryer in texture and has more chew than other types of meat used to make jerky. The cheaper cuts are also less tender so they tend to be denser which means they need longer periods of time without refrigeration before eating them in order to prevent spoilage while some other types can last much longer outside the fridge when put into freezer storage bags ‍

However, if you are going to be using a leaner cut of beef then London Broil is good for making jerky because it is cheaper and has less fat.

London broil is not the best type of meat for beef jerky, unless you want to use a leaner cut that will have more texture than other cuts but are still tougher in texture. The price is also better on this type of meat so if you don’t mind chewier textures, go with London Broil!

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