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The Best Private Label Jerky Company in Morgantown, West Virginia

The Private Label Jerky Company was born from a passion for cooking and smoking the most delicious, tender, and healthiest possible meats that we could dream up.

With a wide variety of products like whole muscle jerky, extruded and formed jerky, and meat sticks, an infinite number of flavors, custom packaging, and the ability to source and make jerky from any animal, we truly are your one stop shop for jerky in Morgantown, West Virginia.

In addition to manufacturing heat treated, shelf stable jerky and meat sticks, we also have our own warehousing, fulfillment center, and distribution network. On top of all that, we’ll provide you with ideas and samples of your flavors. Need other processing like brats, hot dogs, or sausages? We do that too!

Ever dreamed of having your own jerky brand but want someone else to do all the work? That’s us! We can get you a finished, shelf stable jerky product with a short lead time, warehouse it for you, and connect directly to your store (Shopify, Amazon, etc) and ship directly to your customers as your manufacturer and your 3PL.

Be sure to contact us for more information. We’re ready for your order!

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USDA Approved Private Label Jerky


Our Products

If you need private label beef jerky, poultry jerky (chicken jerky, turkey jerky), bison jerky, or any other kind of jerky, we are your go to partner.


Safety First

We are USDA approved to produce private label jerky of all types. Safety is first in all that we do. You can trust the jerky that has your name on it.


Your Partner

The Private Label Jerky Company is here to serve you. We can design your packaging, source the meat, produce the product, warehouse it for you, and distribute it for you all the way to your end customer.

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