What is beef jerky cure? Well, what do you know about curing meat like a ham or bacon? It’s the same idea with making beef jerky. The process of curing meat is to preserve it by adding salt and nitrates in order to prevent bacterial growth. The best thing about this process is that it takes very little time to complete and can be done at home without any special equipment!

What does jerky cure do?

What does beef jerky cure do? Jerky cure is what gives the beef jerky its great taste and texture. It is typically made up of salt, sugar, nitrates (sodium or potassium), and spices such as black pepper.

This mixture will help to preserve your meat for a long time by inhibiting bacterial growth from occurring on the surface of it while also giving it that delicious flavor we all crave!

How do you make Jerky cure?

You can make your own jerky cure by combining the ingredients listed above to create what is called a “jerky cure”. You can also buy jerky cures ready-made in stores.

This will help ensure you have enough of what you need on hand for any given project so that nothing goes wrong!

It’s important not to overuse salt when making your own jerky cure because it will cause excessive sweating from the meat while cooking, which could lead to spoilage and a bad taste. Be sure not to use too much sugar either as this may contribute unwanted flavors or colors if left alone with the meat for too long. The nitrates are what give beef jerkies their reddish color and slightly salty flavor; they keep bacteria away by preventing oxidation during dried curing process.”

When should you cure your jerky?

You should cure your jerky when you are ready to dry it. You can either do this before you start drying the meat, or during what is known as a “wet” cure. A wet cure involves submerging your meats in a salt and sugar-based solution. There is also what is known as a dry cure. A dry cure is when you cure your jerky using salt and sugar, but without submerging the meat in a liquid solution.

Some people may be tempted to save time by not curing their jerky before they dry it. This is what we call “uncured” or non-cured beef jerky . A lot of people enjoy this type because there’s no need for additional processing and you can just add flavoring when you are ready to eat your finished product. However, if left alone with uncured meats, nitrates could lead to spoilage and a bad taste.”

The best way to avoid these unwanted side effects is simply not using too much sugar either as this may contribute unwanted flavors or colors if left alone with the meat during drying process.


It’s easy to make your own beef jerky at home, and you can cure it for a number of reasons. The curing process will help preserve the meat as well as add great taste and texture.

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