A private label vegan jerky company is a business that creates their own private label private brand of meat substitutes. These products are usually made from soy, wheat gluten or other high protein plant-based proteins and can be sold under the private label without mentioning the ingredients. Private label vegan jerky is often used as an alternative to meat for people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid eating animal products.

What is Vegan Jerky?

Vegan jerky is a type of jerky that is meatless and doesn’t contain animal-based ingredients. It can be made from soy, wheat gluten or other high protein plant-based proteins. Vegan jerky typically tastes like its meat counterpart but is often a little less salty because it lacks the same type of sodium that you would find in traditional beef jerky. The flavor profile also varies depending on what kind of seasoning is used to coat each strip before it’s dried out for preservation purposes. Typically vegan jerkies are just as tough their counterparts so don’t plan on biting into one if you’re looking for something with a softer texture!

Vegan Jerky Healthier Than Beef Jerky?

The short answer is it depends. Vegan jerky does not have the same amount of sodium as traditional beef jerky so it’s generally considered to be healthier for those who are trying to limit their salt intake. The biggest difference between vegan and beef jerky, however, has nothing to do with health — it’s texture! Beef jerkies tend to be a little less salty than their plant-based counterpart but they’re usually softer in texture because of how high fat content is typically used when preparing them.

Why Should I Buy From A Private Label?

There are a number of reasons to buy private label vegan jerky. One of the main reasons is because it’s easier than ever to do so! With private labels, you don’t have to worry about running out of your favorite brand or flavor because they’re available year round at affordable prices. You also won’t be left with any unwanted packages sitting in your pantry that expired before you could use them — private label products always have a much longer shelf life than traditional brands and flavors as well!

Vegan jerky is a healthy take on beef jerky. It’s made of soy, wheat gluten and tapioca starch instead of meat. It has the same chewy texture as traditional beef jerky but without all the fat or cholesterol that comes with eating animal products. Buying vegan jerky from a private label means you can purchase it year round at an affordable price, especially if you order in bulk quantities to save even more money!

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