When it comes to what type of meat you should use for beef jerky, there are a few factors that need to be considered. The first is what cut of meat will produce the best flavor and texture. There are many cuts from which to choose, but some stand out above the rest. Brisket produces what most people think about when they imagine beef jerky because it has a distinctive taste and chewy texture. Chuck roast also produces tender strips that are great for making jerky due to its high fat content which can help keep them moist during cooking.  With so many options available, finding what type of meat is right for your recipe shouldn’t be too hard!

Should you use lean or fatty meat?

Generally, it’s recommended that you use  a fatty cut of meat for beef jerky. This is because the fat in these cuts will help it to stay moist and flavorful while being cooked, as well making it more tender than if you used a leaner cut such as sirloin steak or even ground beef.

Fatty meats are what most people associate with high-quality flavor when they think about what type of meat to use for jerky. The fattier the better!  It’s common sense that choosing a leaner cut would be healthier too, but this isn’t necessarily true since processed meats like cured turkey breast still end up having less calories per 100g than some traditionally healthy types of food such as whole wheat breads.  There are many benefits to using a leaner cut of beef such as white meat, or even ground beef. These cuts will be cheaper and are what is recommended for those who want to make jerky that’s lower in calories, but still has a good flavor.

The best way to get the most flavorful results with your leaner cut of choice is by marinating it overnight before cooking it into jerky strips. When you use fatty meats like bacon then there really isn’t much need for an extra step as they’re already high quality pieces of meat!  The main thing when choosing what type of meat to use for beef jerky should be what suits your budget and personal taste preferences more than anything else!

What cut of beef should you use?

The cut of beef you should use to make beef jerky is  up to what you prefer! Some options are more affordable while others have a better flavor. If you’re going to use a lean cut of beef for your jerky we recommend using beef round. It’s not as good of quality meat, but if that doesn’t bother you or your budget this can be an affordable way to make jerky! You will need to marinate overnight and do some extra prep work by trimming off any fat so it cooks through better.

Another popular cut that people use for their jerky favorites is flank steak because of its rich flavor profile with plenty of collagen which makes them perfect for being cooked down into tender pieces!

If you’re going to go for a fattier cut of beef for making your jerky, go for a cut like  brisket or what people call the deckle. It has a ton of fat so it’s perfect for jerky because you can just slice off thin pieces and let them marinate in your favorite sauce!

Some cuts are better than others, but what’s important is that when you’re making beef jerky at home what kind of meat you use is up to you.


With so many options for cut of beef, it can be difficult to know which type you should choose. Each piece has its own pros and cons. A leaner cut will have less fat but may not taste as good while a fattier option might make the jerky more flavorful if that’s what you’re looking for. It all depends on your preferences and budget when deciding between cuts of meat, just do some research beforehand to figure out which one is best suited for what you are making!

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